Book Review: Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh BARDUGO

If you don’t like the odds

Change the game.

I wasn’t actually going to write a review for Crooked Kingdom but I really haven’t seen much about it. So, I figured I would do my duty as a self-appointed Dregs spokesperson and write up my review. Go Dregs!

This is a sequel to Six of Crows, so bear in mind that there might be some hints, maybe even spoilers to the first book, but spoiler free for Crooked Kingdom.

Would you look at this cover!

Where to begin? Well, Crooked Kingdom picks up right were Six of Crows left the Dregs in Ketterdam, and yes, Kaz is definitely wearing his scheming face right now.

This book was brilliant! Which is sort of why I’m confused to the lack of buzz around it? Maybe I’m not looking in the right places? Maybe people just haven’t finished it yet? In any case, this was an easy 5 star rating.


You probably know Leigh Bardugo has a really nice writing style, excellently balanced between dialogue and description, and her POV’s are so distinctive. Like Six of Crows, we get those same multiple POV, plus Wylan also has his own chapters. He wasn’t one of my favourite characters, but I did really like his chapters, probably because he had a lot of character growth. The pot itself, I found to be much more quickly paced because there seem to be a million things going on, and a million things going wrong.

For me, one of my favourite aspects of  any book or series is always going to be the ships, and this duology has some of the best. I love all of the ships and I am sailing on them all, simultaneously. Jesper and Wylan, is probably the one that sees the most obvious growth. If you were as oblivious as me, you won’t have realised that there was even a ship to sail on until the very end of Six of Crows, but lo and behold, there it was! Their relationship was a really nice way of including diversity, but not having it as an integral plot point. The same could be said for Nina and Matthias, where, while they are a heteronormative couple, it’s riveting to watch how Matthias, who had lived his life believing so strongly in a certain et of values, is forces to reevaluate. And then you have Kaz, my baby, and Inej, my favourite couple.

There was one, tiny, little thing that I kind of hated is was that prologue at the start. In Six of Crows we had Joost’s POV and I hated it so much I nearly put the book down, and here we were cursed with another random Grisha’s POV. Again, I really didn’t like it, even though I knew it would be more relevant later but I just couldn’t bring myself to care. Even though there was a vague reference later on in the book, I just still didn’t care. You should know that 90% of the time I really don’t like prologues, because I find them hard to get into.

But other than the tiny issue I have with this prologue, and kind of prologues in general, Crooked Kingdom was pretty close to being the perfect ending to a series. This baby, is up there with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Clockwork Princess. Yes, it is that good. And, a perfect ending doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone goes skipping off into the sunset, but that you can feel the natural close of this story. I very nearly cried at a couple of moments at the very end, and I’m sort of disappointed that I didn’t but it was a very close call.

So if you have any doubts about finishing this series go and do it and I’d love to know what you thought about Crooked Kingdom. Did you like it? Whoose your favourite ship? How do you feel about prologues?

Thanks for reading!



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