November Book Haul

Well, it has been a VERY sparse month for book buying, which is probably a good thing, and I think that was definitely a conscious effort on my behalf. It was also down to a combination of NaNoWriMo (less time for reading) and Christmas shopping (less money for buying), which is definitely a blessing in disguise.

A Torch Against The Night by Sabaa Tahir

25716704I received this gem courtesy of Harper Collins and a Goodreads giveaway and I am super grateful for that. I read it straight away and have posted a review which you can check out for more information. A Torch Again the Night is the second book in a YA fantasy series that deals with a slave girl and a unwilling mercenary in training, Laia and Elias, with heavy Roman Empire influences, and slow burning fantasy elements. Obviously I can’t give any detail about plot because of spoiler for the first book, An Ember in the Ashes, but I can tell you that it’s amazing. I also have review here that is SPOILER FREE for this book, but not for the first, if you would like my thoughts in a bit more depth.

Map of Bones by Francesca Haig


Along with Tahir’s book I was sent this  ARC completely 25814363
unexpected in the same package, which was a lovely surprise. I’d never heard of either the title or the author but the ARC is quite lovely, a lot of pinks and orange and black. The cover you can see here is the final art, and while it’s a shame that I couldn’t find a picture of the ARC art, this one is also quite beautiful. After some research I discovered that this is actually the second book in the Fire Sermon Series, which is a YA dystopian series. From what I understand the first book tells the story of twins, Cassandra and Zac, teens living in a post-nuclear world where people are separated into two groups, Alphas and Omegas and they are actually on different sides. It sounds really intriguing, and I’m interested in why and how these sibling are operated, hopefully it’s going to be told in dual perspective, but I don’t know, so we will just have to wait and see. Since this remise does sound elaborate I think I will try to get hold of the first book in this trilogy before picking the second up.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo


And, here we are, with Leigh Bardugo once more. You must be sick of me talking about her by now, does a post go by where I do not mention this duology? Here we go again. Crooked Kingdom is the final book in a duology about a bunch of thieving misfits and picks up right where Six of Crows left off. I pre-ordered this on my kindle, because I knew I had to have straight away, but got sent a signed bookplate thats to a pre-order promotion with Books With Bite, so now I have a paperback to put it in. And that is why I needed a second copy of this book, just in case you were wondering. As you probably know by now I do have a SPOILER FREE review just waiting for you to take a gander at here.

Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them: The Original Screenplay by J.K Rowling

30030950.jpgAllow me to transport you back a few months ago where I can specifically remember saying the following words to my friend: “I don’t think I’ll be buying the screenplay, it’s just a waste of money.”. I ordered this from Amazon on Friday the 18th of November, the day the film came out, hours after I came out of that midnight showing. Yes, that’s the sort of willpower I possess when it comes to J.K Rowling, and just books in general. I regret nothing. Just in case you have no idea what this is about, if follows the adventures of Newt Scamander, author of the textbook that Harry & Co. use in their lessons, as he accidentally looses some of his creatures in 1920’s New York. Obviously it is a screenplay, so you don’t get anything more than you did in the film, it’s just a matter of noticing some extra bits that you might not have picked up on. It’s also beautiful, while I’m not a huge fan of Hardbacks, I can’t deny the gold lettering against the midnight blue is going to look gorgeous on my shelf.

Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige

30367320.jpgNext I got Stealing Snow, a urban fantasy re-telling of one of ‘The Snow Queen’, by Danielle Paige. We kick off with our protagonist Snow, committed to a mental asylum after her fist kiss turns her boyfriend, Bale, violent, I guess if you’re familiar with the source material you will recognise that little incident. Urban fantasy is one of my favourite genres and I’m also always up for a retelling and ‘The Snow Queen’ is one of my favourite fairytales so I look forward to seeing how it’s been retold.  I’ve never seen if in YA before, or really anywhere other than a straight forward adaptation, so it will be super interesting to see how that is interpreted and adapted for a modern day setting. I’ve also heard that Paige’s other series, set around Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz is really good too.

Bucky Barnes: The inter Soldier Vol.1; The Man on the Wall by Ales Kot, Marco Rudy and Langdon Foss

25661166Finally, as a little motivational treat I downloaded this graphic novel on my kindle.Bucky is my favourite character in the marvel universe, so it was an easy choice to make, even though I haven’t heard fantastic review. This takes place after the tragedy of ‘The Original Sin’, which, even though I had no idea what that was, wasn’t something that I could find out about from this books itself. I am thinking of writing a proper review for this at some point, but I will say that it is set in space and the art is gorgeous, even on my iPad. This will be my third graphic novel this year, and my first ever one from Marvel, as I begin to further explore this intriguing medium.

And that’s that. Like I said I showed a lot of restraint this month, or maybe it was just a lack of time to shop, who know, either way this looks sensible. You will be seeing a few of these also make an appearance in my November Wrap-Up so keep you eyes peeled for that.

What’s your favourite book you bought in November? Have you seen Fantastic Beasts yet?

Thanks for reading?




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