NaNoWriMo Wrap Up 2016

I’m half sorry and half relieved that NaNoWriMo is over this year. I’ve had so much fun this year and I actually won! Yes, that’s right, I hit 50,000 words, exceeding my personal goal of 30,000, making this my best NaNoWriMo ever but I’m not going to lie it has been exhausting.

My Story

Well, technically I should say my stories because things definitely did not go to plan. Originally I intended to write a high fantasy novel, but having only recently gotten into the genre I just was not prepared enough to carry it through. I was struggling to write those 1,667 words a day to the point where I just really didn’t want to do it and would put it off until 10 or 11 pm and then panic write so I could get the words in before 12.I’m sort of repeating what I wrote in my update post  but I’m going to say it again.

I took the initiative and said you know what I have this and I’m going to write something else, anything else. So that’s what I did. I didn’t have a plan, or any characters or anything that I would usually have before I started writing, but I made it through. As I went I wrote down a handful of one sentence prompts for those days when I was a bit stuck and it worked. Yes, in the end probably 99% of my writing is probably classed as fan fiction but I had fun writing it and isn’t that what NaNoWriMo is all about.

A Lesson Learnt

If anything this year has reminded me that I can write, and that’s not something everyone can do. I learnt that, when I need to, I can write pretty damn fast and get those words done. Like I said, while this was my first time actually winning, it was also my most stressful year, and I was really struggling in that final week. But I made it. I won.

And That’s All Folks

And that, as they say, is that. Did you compete this year? Are you happy with how much you wrote?

Thanks for reading!


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