Reading Resolutions 2017

I know what you’re thinking. It’s March, it’s way too late for new years resolutions. I get it, I wasn’t going to make any for this year, but now 3 months into the year, I think I know where I want to go with my reading this year. Why wait for the new year to make some promises to yourself?


  1. GoodReads Reading Challenge

This is the easy one, at least I happen so, anyway, since it’s been a while since I failed to complete it. Like last year, my goal is 100 books, and hopefully, with the new re-reading thing it will be even easier to get there

2. More Classics

Right now I can see the end of my degree, and I’ve finished all my required reading but that doesn’t mean I want to stop reading classics. I used to love reading classics but they are a time commitment, but if I’m reading about 8 books per month making just 1 a classic shouldn’t be too bad

3. Different Genres

I would really like to read more broadly this year. I love YA, and maybe always will love YA but, unlike lats year, I don’t want to restrict myself to just one genre. I want to read more thriller, or historical fiction, or just adult contemporary. With this in mind I want 1 book a month to be an adult book.

4. Literary Awards

During my time as a university student I have read some great books, many of which have won really prestigious awards. This year I want to try and read as many of the Man Booker shortlisted books as I can, something that I have never done before. I am aware that a prestigious award doesn’t mean I’m going to like the book, but again I think this will encourage me to read more broadly, and I do love a reading list. Obviously I’m focusing on the Man Booker prize, because that’s the most familiar to me, but if you have any suggestions of other awards to check out let me know in the comments!

5. Re-reading

I love to re-read and now that GoodReads lets you track this I want to make sure that I revisit some of my old favourites.

6. Read the books I own!

On GoodReads I have a whole shelf dedicated to books that I have bought but haven’t actually read yet, and unsurprisingly I want to get rid of this. Since that probably won’t happen, I’m hoping to half that, w chin might be a little bit ambitious, but we’ll see how it goes.


So those are my reading resolutions, as you can see the general gist is just to expand my reading, to go beyond the comfort zone that I’ve kind of just fallen into.

To recap, my 8 book TBR’s will hopefully now include, 1 classic, 1 adult book, 1 re-read and 2 new reads. Everything else on the list is a free for all!

Have you made an reading resolutions? What are they? What are your favourite non-YA books?

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Reading Resolutions 2017

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