Unboxing: May Fairyloot

The theme for this months Fairyloot was… Warriors and Legends. An awesome theme if ever I did hear one!


As you can see, the featured book of the month was Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh, a fantastical retelling of Mulan set in feudal Japan. It also came with a bookplate singed by the author, which I stuck straight in there.

Also included was a second book, World Mythology in Bite-sized Chunks by Mark Daniels, which goes through a could of different cultures’ mythology, from Greek, to Australian, to Japan.

My favourite item was the candle that came from In the Wick of Time. There were two exclusive scents available and I got the scent ‘Flame’, which smells of orange blossom and mint, and is absolutely gorgeous.

I already put those pretty socks on which are decorated with a Celtic design, and are very comfortable.

Although I am not a huge tea drinker, there was was round tin of loose leaf tea, also a Fairyloot exclusive. It’s named after the theme if the box, Warriors and Legends, and is Jasmine and Lychee Green Tea, and smells absolutely divine.

Penultimately there is a super pretty pink plastic feather pen, and a Lord of the Rings themed wooden bookmark.

As usual, there was also the FairyScoop, a letter from the author and the gorgeous art of a warrior girl next to a huge wolf on the back of the item card, and a couple of bookmarks. And finally there was a chapter sample for Naondel (The Red Abbey Chronicles #2) by Maria Turtschaninoff

And there you have it, and quick little unboxing for May’s Fairyloot box! What do you think? Did you get this box? What item did you like best or would you like to own?

Thanks for reading!


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