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My English Lit Degree

Last week I heard back to Reading for, maybe, the final time, to attend my graduation ceremony. So, yeah, I graduation and now it’s official that I have a degree in English Literature.

My Subject

English Literature had always, and will always be my favourite subject, mostly due to the simple fact that I love to read. I didn’t pick it with any career in mind, I just chose it because I loved it. When choosing your own subject the biggest bit of advice is do something that you acre about, because believe me, if you have no motivation going into the course, you will have none by the end.

My Modules

1st Year: Genre and Context, Poetry, Ancient Song (Classical Studies), Texts, Readers and Writers (Classical Studies), Latin

2nd Year: Victorian Literature, Shakespeare, Writing America, Contemporary Fiction, The Canterbury Tales, Old English

3rd Year: James Joyce, Medieval Otherworlds, Alfred Hitchcock, Decadence and Degenration; Literature of the 1890s

My Dissertation

Honestly, this was one of my favourite things to do because I loved the amount of freedom I had to persue whatever I wanted to. As a huge lover of Urban Fantasy, I took that and translated it into Vampires and Sexuality in the 19th Century.

If you have any question, I’d love to hear them! Is there anything you’d like in more detail? Have you done a degree, either in English or another subject? What did you think about it? What was the best part of your degree (or the worst)?

Thanks for reading!

Victoria BA


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