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Tag: Mid-Year Book Freak Out

I wasn’t tagged by anyone specific, but I did just see Elizabeth @Imaginationinprint right HERE, if you want to check it out!

Believe it or not but I am about ten books ahead on my GoodReads reading schedule, so I have read 63 books already this year! Still I’m going to choose only new reads to try and cut the down a  bit, but that still leaves me with 37 books to choose from, so let’s go!


The best book of the year so far…


ACOWAR (ACOTAR #3) by Sarah J. Maas

I was trying to come up with something else, but why bother?

The Best Sequel of the Year so far…

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Book Review: Orbiting Jupiter

Orbiting Jupiter, is one of Zoella’s Book Club pick for 2017, and I would like to discuss it with you guys. This will be completely SPOILER FREE, so fear not, but heads up, it wasn’t may favourite.



The plot is not a bad plot. It’s the story of a fourteen year old boy, Joseph, who moves in with a new foster family, from a juvenile detention centre, or at the very least some sort of school for unruly teens. He’s already got a girl pregnant, and now has a daughter, Jupiter, who he’s not allowed to see. And that’s just the background info, for this book. Schmidt has done a brilliant job fitting so much plot into such a little book, and it’s an interesting, unusual look at teenage life.


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Wrap-Up: Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017 

And Camp NaNoWriMo, the final Camp of the year is finally over! Hallelujah!

Technically I’d did win Camp This month, but I had to reduce my goal significantly, so I really didn’t get any of my goals accomplished. Of course, I did write 12,500 words, which I wouldn’t have otherwise, so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

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August TBR

This is what I should be reading, but I also have a lot to catch up on from last month, so we’ll see how it goes. The final month of summer already, the final month of 2016 Man Booker, the final month of A Summer of Austen and I, for one, am looking forward to Winter.


Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

18300262.jpgMy penultimate Austen book, and the final one that I haven’t read before, I never thought this day would come. Fanny Price is taken from poverty to be raised by her rich Aunt and uncle at Mansfield Park. Isolated and lonely in her new home, her only friend is her cousin Edmund. Then the Crawley’s arrive, Marry and Henry, bringing with them all the glamour of London. As everyone flirts with each other, wires are closed, hearts are broken and Fanny is the only one with a little bit of doubt about the new arrivals. Without her ally, Fanny finds her self even more alone than usual, as she struggles to deal with new found feelings.

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