Wrap-Up: Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017 

And Camp NaNoWriMo, the final Camp of the year is finally over! Hallelujah!

Technically I’d did win Camp This month, but I had to reduce my goal significantly, so I really didn’t get any of my goals accomplished. Of course, I did write 12,500 words, which I wouldn’t have otherwise, so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

The biggest lesson I learnt this time around was that I write what I read. For example, I was supposed to be writing a contemporary thriller, dark and gritty as they come, but I was reading Jane Austen at the time. Instead of written my thriller as planned, I ended up playing aound with some historical fiction, which I really like, but was not how I wanted to spend my month.

Going forward with this in mind, I have put together a reading list for my own work, made up of thrillers, tragedies and the like, that I’m hoping will focus me to write come November.

How was your month for writing? Did you participate? Did you win? Do you think your reading influences your writing?

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Wrap-Up: Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017 ”

  1. Progress is progress. 🙂 Even though you didn’t accomplish your original goal, it seems like you learned a lot about your process.

    I had the best writing month in July that I’ve had in a long time. . . Except maybe this month. I originally set out to write 40,000 words, but was worried I wouldn’t be able to, so I lowered my goal to 30,000. I was on target to write 30,000 words for most of the month, but in the last week I ended up about tripling my productivity and managing to just reach 40,000 words.

    I don’t want this to intimidate you. There have been past camps where I struggled to reach 10,000 words. This month was just marked by inspiration from the fact that I was working on a first draft for the first time in a couple years. I’d forgotten how freeing first drafts are since I don’t need to worry about getting anything right.

    It’s interesting. Some writers seem to read a lot of things similar to what they’re writing to get them in the mood. Others avoid it like the plague to keep from having their idea end up too much like someone else’s. I fall somewhere in the middle, but it looks like you may be one of the types of writers who needs to read a lot of books that are similar to what you’re writing.

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    1. Thanks Jacqueline!
      Wow! You had a great writing month, congrats!
      I guess it’s a learning process, isn’t it? Even though this Camp wasn’t productive so much in terms of word count, I guess it was valuable in terms of what I learned about how I write best. So long as I can pull it out of the bag, come September!

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