Book Review: Empire of Storms

**SPOILER FREE for Empire of Storms, but NOT for the previous books**

Is it just me who finds it easier to review books in paperback form? Well, that’s why this review is a hundred years late, because I did originally read this when it was released. Only now that I finally have a chance to break open my signed paperback, do I feel like I really want to review this one, to continue my streak.


Whew! Talk about a wild ride! As you’ll have guessed judging by my  star rating, I loved this book, probably my second favourite of the series, right behind QoS, so this may be a little bit gushing. Consider this a warning.




Something Wicked This Way Comes:

Finally, and I knew this day would come since we first met them in HoF, I have fallen in love with the witches. Even thought there was a little overlap in QoS, this is definitely the point where they become integrated into the main plotline. The witch trial  is one of my favourite scenes, because finally you get the repercussions of everything that has been building for the past two books. It is also a brilliantly paced scene, making you appreciate the overall slow pace of their storyline up to this point.


Living that ship life:

This was a book of ships, and surprisingly I am sailing on all of them. After that ship from HoF I find any development an improvement, in regard to Dorian, and I have to admit that I may just be moving on from Dorian x Celaena (and Dorian x Me). I didn’t really see Dorian’s new ship coming on my first read, I had seen theories but I thought it was just wishful thinking. However I can safely say that I have been won over, and am a-okay with more ‘phantom-hand’ scenes, if you know what I mean.

Regarding the “NSFW” scene, I know some people don’t like them, but I adore them. I mean Sarah is essentially combining New adult and Fantasy, which, to me, is a dream come true. I’m not saying that it is integral to the overall plot, but it makes me happy.



Can we talk about the lethal ships? There is a good chunk of this book that takes place on the sea. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that doesn’t take place on land, but I really liked it.  Not to mention it made a pretty epic battle scene!


The Cadre: 

Although, technically, we have already seen Rowan’s Cadre, I didn’t really pay much attention to them in Heir of Fire. The only thing that really stood out, was Gavriel (I think) holding Rowan back from going to Aelin’s aid. Now that we’ve gotten to really see the cadre, I can officially say that I want them. I want my own cadre, not just my own, but this one. I think they’re a really interesting, and fun, addition to Aelin’s circle, and the more territorial fae bastards the better.

Of course, Lorcan was a minor-isa antagonist in Queen of Shadows, and I did like him, the way you can like a villain. But now, I can officially say that I love him, especially where his character was by the end of the book. He had good intentions, something which carries over from QoS, and seems to bean integral part of his character, but he just doesn’t make the best decisions, so I am dying to see where he goes form here. And, yes, I do support the potential sip, that kind of was, but kind of wasn’t. A million times, yes!


The Court:

What is there to say abut them, other than the fact that I love them? My opinions haven’t really change since the previous book. I do think that they all (maybe bar Rowan because he’s old anyway) do seem older, after the events of  Queen of Shadows. Especially Dorian, and who can blame him given the whole collar situation. When you look at how young they seem back in the days of ToG they whole lot of them have come so far, and you can feel the weight of the events in the way that their written. This isn’t so much a court of dreamers, like Rhys’, but a court of battle weary people who have hope that the future could be better. Or maybe that if they don’t do something, then there is not future.


At the end of the day:

This ending killed me. Did it kill you? Except for Heir of Fire (that was evil) we’ve never really had cliffhanger endings, I mean, I adore Queen of Shadows, but that ending wa practically gift wrapped. This was not a gift wrapped ending. I need the final book, I needed it last year, and then I needed it this year (don’t worry Tower of Dawn was worth he wait), but at least the ending is on the horizon.


What about you?

Have you read EoS, and what did you think? What is your favourite Thorne of Glass book? Have you read Tower of Dawn yet? What’s your favourite fantasy series?


Thanks for reading!



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