Book Review: Tower of Dawn

*This review will be SPOILER FREE for Tower of Dawn, not for the rest of the series though*

Tower of Dawn is the sixth book in Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series and follows Chaol and Nestyn as they travel to the Southern Continet, in search of allies and healers. If you haven’t already heard about this book, you must be living under a rock for the past year, so I’ll refrain from any more plot summaries.


There is so much I want to gush about say, I just don’t know where to start!

A short word on the cover

I know that there has been a lot of talk about this cover, and some or it I agree with, the rest I’ve made peace with. To get the negatives over and done with, I really wanted to see Chaol on the cover, in his chair. Not only would it have been some amazing disability representation, but (more selfishly) I would have loved to have seen the artists rendering of Chaol. I just hate that shield, I think it could have been gorgeous, if it had been hand drawn in the same style as Aelin on the previous covers. However, I adore the colours of this book, the dark blues, that form a splash behind the shield is gorgeous. The sight of the spine of my shelf, even next to the other books, is divine.

Talk plotting to me…

On the surface this plot accomplished exactly what in needed so, so that we can get to the finale in the next book, but it’s got a lot of depth that you don’t even notice while you’re reading.

Sarah does a fantastic job of creating this whole new world for us to explore in the form of the Southern Continent. From geography, to politics, to the food, this kingdom is so well fleshed out, so that it’s foreign enough in comparison to Erilia, but familiar enough that it fits into this world. The depth of the setting in this book, I think, really shows how far that Sarah has come in her writing, how much more mature it is in comparison to Thorne of Glass, and, as always, this just makes me so excited.

As Tower of Dawn and Empire of Storms take place simultaneously, there is a surprising amount of dramatic irony for the reader to revel in. There’s a comment made about Skull’s Bay, that absolutely killed me. I also, think that it was a really interesting experience, to have there two stories happening simultaneously.

I saw three ships a-sailing…

Don’t worry, I’m still keeping this spoiler free, even down to the ships, but you may have noticed by now that Sarah, loves to sink ships just as much as she loves to sail them. I really don’t have a problem with those sort of changes, I think it keeps you of your toes, and, on a more analytical level, it’s nice to see the commonly used trope of soulmates being quashed. I like books that basically show you that you’re allowed to have more than one relationship. By the end, I was more than happy with which ships were where, but I did also like Yrene’s prince “friend”, (Kanshin? I don’t have the book on my so I can’t check, but correct me if I’m, wrong!), and hope that we’ll see more of him in the future.

Living that Ruk life…

How amazing were the ruks and their riders. And while I’m on the subject, if you have seen any fan art, send it to me, because I would love to see it. The ruks, in case you don’t know, are winged creatures smaller than wyverns, that have close connections to the Kagan. I didn’t expect it, but we actually go to spend some time up close and personal with the Ruk’s and riders.

Have you read Tower of Dawn, and what did you think? If not, what’s your favourite novella?

Thanks for reading,



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