Book Tag: The Raven Cycle

I saw this on Lola from BookFandom1001‘s blog, and as a lover of The Raven Cycle I knew I had to do it. Like Lola, I am of curse recommending that anyone who hasn’t read these books yet, definitely should!

The Rules

  • Mention the creator in your post.
  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • If you want to use the creator’s graphics (check the link to her blog), just make sure to give credit!
  • Be sure to include the rules in your post.
  • Tag more people so we can all enjoy it!
  • And most importantly… HAVE FUN!

The Questions:

Blue Sargent: Your Favorite Quirky Character

“Blue was a fanciful, but sensible thing. Like a platypus, or one of those sandwiches that had been cut into circles for a fancy tea party.”

Harley Quinn

from Harley Quinn; Vol. 1, Die Laughing (DC Universe Rebirth)


You asked for quirky, I’m giving you quirky.

Gansey: A Leader

Gansey was just a guy with a lot of stuff and a hole inside him that chewed away more of his heart every year.”

Lyra ‘Silvertongue’ Belaqua

from His Dark Materials

A natural leader. A precious cinnamon roll. What more can I say.

Ronan Lynch: Your Favorite Character of All Time

“I am being perfectly fucking civil.”

Prince Maven Calore

from the Red Queen series

My love for this kid knows no bounds.

Adam Parrish: A Character You Disliked at First but Love Now

“If you combined these two things – the unfathomable and the practical – you were most of the way to understanding Adam Parrish.”


from An Ember in the Ashes

I was so focused on not shipping her with Elias, that completes ignore how amazing she is

Noah Czerny: The Most Lovable Character

“Depending on where you began the story, it was about Noah Czerny.”

The Suriel

from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series

I was probably the surreal of these books. Busy shipping the ships, and yelling out truths at inopportune moments.

The Women of 300 Fox Way: Your Favorite Female Role Model

“ You could ask anyone: 300 Fox Way, Henrietta, Virginia, was the place to go for the spiritual, the unseen, the mysterious, and the yet-to-occur. ”

Emma Carstairs

from The Dark Artifices by Cassie Clare

Emma is a inspirational gal, from her friendships, to her family, to her slaying a tentacle demon.

The Search for Glendower: A Book Series You Wish Had Never or Will Never End

“He was everything Gansey wished he could be: wise and brave, sure of his path, touched by the supernatural, respected by all, survived by his legacy.”

The Throne of Glass Series

It’s not that I don’t want it to end, more than I’m concerned there will be some heartbreaking deaths

Mr. Gray: An Anti-Hero

“There aren’t terrible ideas. Just ideas done terribly.”

Victor Vale

from Vicious by V.E. Schwab


Show me a better anti-hero, go on, I dare you

Psychics and Tarot Cards: Your Favorite Magic System

“It was impossible to forget that all of these women were plugged into the past and tapped into the future, connected to everything in the world and to one another.”

The Shades of Magic Trilogy by V.E. Schwab

I adore the elemental based magic that’s present in this series, and would love to be an Antari.

Kavinsky: Your Favorite Unlikable Character

“Reality’s what other people dream for you.” 

Sebastian Morganstern

from The Mortal Instruments


If he cannot move heaven, he’ll raise hell, and I appreciate that.

Cabeswater: Your Favorite Book Setting

“Cabeswater was such a good listener.”


from A Court of Mist and Fury


So long as Rhys will volunteer to show me around

I Tag…  

Elen@TheReaderDragon  /  Elizabeth@ImaginationInPrint  /  Jess@MudandStars  /  Hannah@HannahReadsBooks  /  Katie@BookhemianRhapsody  /  And anyone who wants to do the tag, but haven’t yet, consider this your golden opportunity!

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Book Tag: The Raven Cycle”

  1. Thanks for the tag! Enjoyed reading your answers. I have a strange soft spot for Sebastian too. He’s such a well written villain. I reaaally need to get round to reading The Raven Boys this year.

    Liked by 1 person

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