December Haul

Last book haul of the year! I’ll probably have a separate “Christmas Book Haul”, but that might not make an appearance until January. In the meantime here’s the books a bought for myself.



Christmas at the Dancing Duck by Daisy James

35858286Since I felt like I’d been so restored in terms of book buying last month I treated myself to two 99p (Hey, big spender!) Christmassy Kindle reads, this being one of them. I’ll be the first to admit that I very rarely read fluffy contemporaries, but it’s Christmas so anything goes. In this one TV presenter Kirstie returns home, after embarrassing herself on national TV though proclaiming her hatred for all things Christmassy. Once home, she’d left to run the family pub for the last Christmas before it’s sold to a company. Oh, and her ex-boyfriend is the barman. Yeah, there’s a lot going on, and all this is in the first few chapters!


The Little Village Christmas by Sue Moorcroft

36267218This was the other 99p Kindle book, but I chose it mostly thanks to a friend’s recommendation, and don’t know as much about the plot. Our main character is an interior designer called Alexia, who is working on a cafe in the village paid for though hours of fundraising by the villagers. Tragedy strikes when the money is stolen! So there’s a kind of Grinch vibe going on so far. But fear not because the woodsman (apparently that’s a thing), Ben, arrives, who I’m sure has a tragic past. It’s up to Alexia and Ben to raise the spirits of the village and (potentially) save the day, and (hopefully) fall in love, because we’re all here for the romance.


Hold Me Like a Breath (Once Upon a Crime Family #1) by Tiffany Schmidt

18584521This has been on my TBR for an absolute age, but the only reason I actually bought it was that it was cheep, and I wanted free delivery on some other items from Amazon. Like I said this book revolves around the mafia, one that specialises in black market organs, not the usual cartel sort of situation, and we follow Penelope, the teenage heir to the family. Except the had an autoimmune disorder that means she bruises easily. As a result she is deemed ‘too fragile’ and rarely leaves the family estate. All I really want is a cheesy YA Romeo and Juliet style romance, and some killing, so I’m pretty easy to please on the Mafia front.


Everless by Sara Holland

35883046And normal FairyLoot service has resumed! Yes, this was the book in their December box, and I am really excited for this one. In this YA, fantasy novel time can be bound to iron cons, and then bought or sold. Our protagonist Jules finds herself in desperate times and in order to help her father she Everless, the estate of the wealthy Gerling family. Did I mention they have pliancy of sons, rich, and undoubtably hot sons. I’m just saying… I’m thinking forbidden romance and a mystery of some sort, either way I’m sort of getting Red Queen vibes for some reason, which can only be a good sign.


Rivers of London (Peter Grant #1) by Ben Aaronovitch

9317452This marks my very first ‘Blind date With a Book’ book, and I’m really looking forward to delving into this world. I’ve seen the Peter Grant series out and about and know that it is really popular, but for some reason never picked it up. Maybe I didn’t realise that it was Urban Fantasy, as that’s kind of my jam. Rivers of London is an adult urban fantasy novel, which is not something I come across on the daily, about a detective, Peter Grant, who is just looking for his big case. His time may have come when he receives some intriguing eyewitness information from a ghost, which sets Grant on a path that might have something to do with a long dead evil making a comeback. This sounds like one wild ride!


Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed by E.L James

11857408I’ve lumped these two together because I think we all the the plot of these books by now. I’ve actually read Fifty Shades Darker a Christmas or two ago, and enjoyed it more than I did the fist novel. I haven’t yet read the final book in the trilogy though I have been spoiled, but I’ll still read it, probably around the same time as the new film. What a coincidence! They’re not the most well written books but I do real a bit to fan fiction on Wattpad, so they fit right in with that in my mind, and sometimes you just want something easy and dare a say a little bit fun.


Grey by E.L James

25644601Now Grey is a little different, only a little, though with the recent release of Darker you may have seen it around. One fo the things I love most in this world is retellings from a different POV, so really this book i made for me. I have read it before, the same time as I read Fifty Shades Darker, and really enjoyed it. When I saw it for sale on Amazon I knew I needed it on my kindle. Darker, in case you were wondering about the mention is the sequel to this book, so Fifty Shades Darker from Christian’s perspective. If you like the Fifty Shades Series then this is a fun little spin on the story you already know, and you can’t have too much of the tortured hero.


Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

33654875Only on this blog can you have Fifty Shades of Grey next to the most recent winner of the Man Booker Prize. This contrasting ends of the spectrum you come clamouring to me for.  Also, feel free to take the Man Booker as a little hint of New Year plans, maybe keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming posts about that. Set a year into the American Civil War, President Lincoln’s young son, Willie, is gravely ill, and tragically subsumes to his illness. That much is historical fact. Saunders follow Willie as he finds himself int he afterlife, the Bardo as it is called in the tradition of Buddhist Monks, and what he finds there.


It comforts me to know that only three of this 9 book haul are physical books but I still definitely spent too much on books this month.  I will have a Christmas Haul coming up so you can see the books that were gifted to me, so yes, there is more.

How you guys had a lovely December, and look forward to my Wrap-Up coming soon!

Thank you for reading!




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