New Year, New Book Resolutions

Unlike last year, I’m a little bit more more active, and a little more on top of what I want to get out of this year in terms of reading goals. Which is why this post is coming to you in January, rather than half way through the year. Shall we begin?


First and foremost, and probably the easiest of goals, is my usual aim of reading 100 books, tracked on GoodReads.

Speaking of GoodReads, if you don’t already, you should follow me, or add me as a friend (if you do let me know, you came from here so I can say hi!), where I am pretty good at keeping track of everything I read, and update frequently.


Secondly, I want to read the shortlist for the 2017 ManBooker Prize.

I know that I didn’t quite finish 2016s list, and I didn’t love, love what I did read, but I liked having that bit of extra diversity on my TBRs, and it did push me to read outside of my comfort zone. Like last year, I will put together a guide to the shortlist, though you may already be on top of that by now. If not, then you’re welcome.


Thirdly, and this is something I have been toying with for quite a few years, but consider this an official notice, I want to read more non-fiction.

As someone who barely reads any non-fiction, scything that I want to read “more” is quite vague, so I was going to aim for a book a month. However, since some of the books I already have are very long, very, very long, I might set that goal at 10 books, so 10% of my yearly reading will be non-fiction. Sounds good to me.


Fourthly, (is that a word? Fourthly? Doesn’t sound right, but we’re just going to roll with it), I would really like to stick to the ‘read 5, buy 1’ challenge.

I saw this on YouTube a couple of years ago, and tried to do it last year (though I failed miserably), but the idea is that to buy 1 book, I must clear 5 from my TBR. With this in mind, I should, in theory be able to clear a chunk of my TBR, especially books that I already own but haven’t read.


And finally, as you may have already seen I am getting rid of my TBR!

I am going  delete my TBR (except the books that I already own/have preordered) I have got a whole post about this if you want tot know more, but the basic idea is that it’ll keep me focused on the books I already own.


And there you have it, my general reading goals for 2018! Do you have any reading resolutions, and what are they?

Thanks for reading!


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