Christmas Haul 2017

As promised, I’ve separated my December Haul and this Christmas edition full of all the books I had gifted to me this holiday season.



Mirror Mirror by Cara Delevingne

34668234I’m a big Cara lover, and while she’d been very open about the help of her ghost writer, I’m still very intrigued by the prospect of this book.  This YA, thriller, follows a group of friends who are in a band together, called Mirror Mirror. One night one of these friends is found half dead on the banks of the Thames. As she fights for her life in a coma, and while the police claim it was a filed suicide attempt, not everyone agrees. There’s a lot of tension between the remainder of the band try to figure out what, or who, is to blame, and will this group of friends ever be the same.


A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

19378389I’ve been meaning to read this classic for the longest time, and it has bounced on and off my Goodreads TBR like a yo-yo. A Clockwork Orange is set in a future version of our own world, though I’m not sure I’d go as far to say it’s dystopian. Can you tell I’m unsure how to describe this one? In this world criminal gangs take over after dark, and one of these crimes is captured, I think? Essentially this is a book about good and evil, about he complications of moral questions, and you know I love that grey area. Once I’ve read this, and assuming that I enjoy it, I also want to watch the film, and maybe even try out a comparative sort of review?


Nevernight and Godsgrave (The Nevernight Chronicles #1 and #2) by Jay Kristoff

34503674I was really in the mood for some heavy epic fantasy series, and this might be the one. As I mentioned The Nevernight Chronicles is an epic fantasy series that follows Mia Corvere, the daughters of an executed traitor, unable to escape the actions of her past. Eventually she becomes the apprentice to and assassin, and do you really even need to know anymore that that. Part thriller, part murder mystery, and there’s not one but two world maps and the beginning of this book, so you know its got to be good. I also have the sequel, but obvious;u know nothing about it because it’s a sequel and all.


Harley Quinn, Volume 2; Joker Loves Harley by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner

33232906Earlier this year I read the first book in this series, Die Laughing. and really enjoyed it, so, of course I requested that Santa bring me the next one. I don’t really know anything about the plot of this collection, other than the fact the the one and only Mr. J is going to be making an appearance. At the beginning of Die Laughing it’s cited at that Harley and Ivy are currently a thing, though not sure how officially, and I believe wants Harley back. As I said, I’ve been enjoying this series so far, and have had a lot of fun, so I can’t wait to continue with Harley’s story.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Year One- The Complete Collection by Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller and Bruno Redondo

29449083The second graphic novel I asked for was this one, which is quite hefty for a graphic novel, as it’s the whole of the Year One collection. Even though I have read the kindle sample it was so long ago I can’t really remember it that well. From what I can recall, Injustice follows a storyline in which Superman fails to protect what, or who he loves most. As a result he begins to lean more toward dictator than hero, each sounds like it might just give me what Batman v. Superman did not. This will definitely be the longest graphic novel I’ll have ever read.


An Illustrated History of Notable Shadowhunters and Denizens of the Downworld by Cassandra Clare

32857113This is one of those fun, extra little books, than you can read but don’t have to. As I am a lover of Shadowhunters in it’s myriad of forms, I have had my eye on this book, and the tarot cars for a while. In this book, you can find all the notable shadowhunters and/ or the notable downworlders who feature in TMI, TID, TDA and every some of the future books (or so I have heard). Each character has a full page illustration, so important facts, and a small bio, which seems perfect for a nerd like me. Even though I’ve yet to read it cover to cover if you are a fan of one or all of theses series’ you need this book.


And there you have it; all of the books I received as gifts this Christmas. Have you read any of these books, and what did you think? What books did you get for Christmas this year?

Thanks for reading!


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