Unboxing: December “Oh So Royal” FairyLoot

I was even more excited for this month’s box after missing out on the November box, so here I am with (a very late) unboxing for you guys.


The very first item was this Disney princess Funko Pop, I have a small collection already, so I was excited for the opportunity to add another one. There were a number of possible Funko’s but I ended up getting Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, which is (in my opinion) one of the most underrated Disney films, and one of my favourites.

Next up, came my favouite item in any FairyLoot and that was a bookish candle, made by A Court of Candles. Again, there were a couple of different Prince Candles, exclusive to FairyLoot, and I received Prince Charming from Cinderella. The candle itself is a lemon yellow colour, adorned with gold glitter, and the scent is lemon verbena and patchouli, which is lovely and fresh.


Also in the box was this purple canvas pencil case, that has typography which says “Virtuous and Fair” on it. Apparently it’s a Shakespeare quote, but it must be from a play I have not yet read, because I can’t seem to place it. It was designed by Miss Phi, who features a lot in FairyLoot, and I really like her art style.

As you can see we also got a Rosemarked sampler, a book I have had my eye on already, so I was pretty excited to see it pop up here!

The fourth item was a cute little notebook, that was inspired my one of my favourite series’, Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series. It was deigned by Stella’s Bookish Art, and features a quote which says, “To look powerful is to be powerful”, something I absolutely love. And to remind us, not that I need reminding, that War Storm the final book in the series is out later this year we also got a bookmark.


Finally we got a sweet little keyring, that says “Books Rule” on it, which a crown atop a little pile of books, and which was designed by Fiction Tea Designs. This is the first keyring I’ve gotten in a box, and I quite like the idea of getting a keyring.
This month’s book was Everless by Sara Holland, a YA fantasy set in a world wherein it is possible to extract time from blood, and turn it into currency. You can spend this currency, or, if you are wealthy enough, you can consume it, lengthening your own life. This creates a huge divide between the rich and the poor in the land of Sempera, forcing Jules to take a job at Everless, the estate of an incredibly wealthy family, and the very same estate she fled ten years prior, with her father. I recently read Everless and have a review on it’s way to you ASAP, so look out for that one!

Did you get this FairyLoot box, and did you like it? What’s you favourite item, or whats the item you’d most want to own, if you didn’t get the box?

Thanks for reading,


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