YA Bookaholics February Read-a-Thon

I recently joined the YA Bookaholics Goodreads group, and was invited to participate in a read-a-thon this weekend.

The goal of the group is to read 10,000 pages between us from 00:00, February 2nd through to 23:59, February 4th. Unfortunately for my reading, I am attending a birthday party this weekend, which potentially could be a problem, but I will be reading as much as I can.



Ordinarily I would read Call Me By Your Name, and Anna Karenina, both  which I’ve started and am loving, however my kindle editions do not have page numbers, which is what we’re going to be counting. Even though I could work it out from the percentage, I don’t want the hassle, so instead I am going to read books with actual page numbers!


The plan, is to listen to the Harry Potter audiobook while I’m in the car. I also want to finish up my re-read of The Cruel Prince, and maybe even finish Red Queen, or at least start it.


My Wrap-Up

So, it wasn’t the most successful read-a-thon in the world for me, as I just as not in the mood for reading, which is typical. Of course, I did get some reading done, which I will break down for you:


Red Queen: 64 pages

Harry Potter #2: 52 pages

Call Me By Your Name: 50 pages.


Call Me By Your Name: 38 pages

Batman: Year One: 22 pages

The Cruel Prince: 100 pages

Harry Potter #2: 50 pages


Call Me By Your Name: 43 pages

Harry Potter #2: 43 pages

Batman: Year One: 23 pages.



Grand Total: 495 pages


It turned out that despite my intentions all I wanted to do was read Call Me By Your Name, which was my favourite thing I read that weekend. All in all I read around 495 pages, which really isn’t too bad, I had just planned on reading more.

Did you participate in this read-a-thon, and if so what did you read? In not, what was your favourite thing you read this weekend? Either way, I’d love to know down in the comments!

I’m thinking about trying the 24 in 48 challenge/read-a-thon thing soon, preferably when I do not have any plans though.

Thanks for reading,


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