Review: The Damned, Vol. 1: Three Days Dead

***This review is SPOILER FREE***

I was kindly sent an eARC of this book but all opinions are my own.

In all honesty, while I have been enjoying my DC graphic novels, I really did not know what to expect from this stand alone story. Clearly I had no need to worry.

The Damned take place in the U.S during the prohibition era, if the Prohibition era had been swarming with demons. Essentially I’d class it as historical urban fantasy, which there really is not enough of. The city is rued by mister families, these families being of the demonic variety, who not only deal in alcohol, but there is a roaring trade in human souls. We follow Eddie, as he is tasked with finding a demon who had got missing and could hold the key to peace among these waring families.

34612308Granted this premise has many things that I love to see, such as gangsters, urban fantasy, the prohibition, but the way they were combined was near perfection.

Before I talk about art in graphic novels, I always preface it by saying that I am not super well-read in the genre, nor am I any sort of artist, but I am going to judge the art anyway. I really loved the art style in this novel. It had a sort of film noir vibe that really fit with the narrative. It was clear, and easy to follow (something I really value) , but still was interesting, and worked alongside the story.

Regarding the plot, it reminded me a lot of films like L.A Confidential and The Nice Guys, in the sense that the mystery builds and unravel is a way that seems natural, but you know that a lot of work has gone into making it happen like this.  There were a couple fo moments, and I mean maybe three panels, where I would find myself lost, but it was easy to recover myself, and fall back into the plot. This is no way affected the plot overall,  and I still found myself having a ball.

In addition to a great plot Three Days Dead managed to do something that is so hard to do in a graphic novel, and that is characterisation. As with most graphic novels this is around the 150 page mark, and you have very little chance to really explore a single character, especially when you have got to balance that with the plot itself, lest the novel feel dull. Somehow this feels like a fully fledged world, with fleshed out characters which have history, and backstories. I can’t imagine a character I would not want to see more from. Eddie was a fantastic protagonist, who has a really unique voice, and I just want more.


Overall I am in love with this world, and this concept, and these characters. I want more from them, and this world! If you’re unsure about graphic novels, give this one a whirl, and you won’t find yourself disappointed.


Thanks for reading,


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