Camp NaNoWriMo, April 2018- Update

It’s halfway through the month, which seems like the best time to keep you guys updated with how my camp is going so far.

Given that it’s the first Camp of the year, it’s always going to be a bit harder, especially for someone like me, who isn’t used to writing on a daily basis. Prior to Camp I haven’t been very good with making the effort to write, and I was very concerned with how much I was going to be able to do this month. I needn’t have worried because it’s been going so well!


My Project

Last time I won NaNoWriMo (back in 2016), I spent my final day writing this “thing” that had been on my mind for two years, since I read the book Kiss Kill Vanish by Jessica Martinez. I wrote about 3,000 words, and want to get it up to at least 15,000, which sounds a bit mad, but theres plenty more to add to it. I don’t really like to share too much ink regards to plot detail but I will say that it’s contemporary fiction and takes place in one day. I do have a Pinterest board for my story (and others) if that’s your thing, so feel free to take a look at that. As you can see from the board, it’s working title at the moment is Out of Orbit, but I have a habit of changing titles constantly, as I get bored of them, so that could change at any time.

My Goals

Originally I wanted to do 2 pages a day, which would take my total up to 60 odd pages. I have never had page gaols before, and found it so confusing to get used to that I ended up changing my goal to 15,000. As I’m writing this post, I’m already on 10,900 but hopefully I might have actually reached that by the time your reading this.

If I have, then I’ve come up with two alternative projects to work on, because in my mind this is very much a short story/novella and I can’t imagine it going much further. The first alternate is to tell this story from a 3rd person male POV, as it”s currently told from a 3rd person female POV, which could be fun. Or, I will be working on a completely different project, one that, unfortunately, does not have a pinterest board… yet, but is also contemporary fiction, also short form (either a short story or novella), and again takes place over a couple of hours. Can you tell I have a type?

Want to know more?

I am doing daily posts about my progress over on my tumblr blog. You may already be aware that this blog has a sister over on Tumblr, also Carton-Manette-Darnay, where I post quotes from everything I have read, as I read. So, if you want to can follow me there too, either for daily Camp updates, or for the quotes.


I think I have covered everything I wanted to talk to you guys about, but if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them, either below in the comments, or send me an ask over at my Tumblr. I hope you’re all having a productive Camp, or just a lovely month in general!

Thanks for reading!



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