May Haul

I was so good this month! I think I’m getting really good at this whole don’t-buy-any-more-books thing.



Vicious by V.E Schwab

38087912Ya’ll know by now that V.E. Schwab is my queen, so when she announced there was going to be a collectors edition of Vicious. I was all over it. But I wasn’t going to buy just any one collectors edition, so i died my time, waiting, willing for the signed ones to be up for preorder. Yes, this baby is signed. It’s no, 146 of 200, which just makes it all the more special. It also has the sort story Warm-Up in the back, along with a sneak peak of Vengeful, the sequel coming out way in September 2018. This is going to look so good next to my A Darker Shade of Magic collectors edition!

Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe (Deadpool Killology #1) by Cullen Bunny and Dalibor Talajić

15789310So, Deadpool 2 was realised this month, and while I haven’t seen it yet (at least as I write this post) I should be going pretty soon. Like millions of other people I loved Deadpool, and had no idea what I was getting into when I went to see it in the Cinema. This is a really highly recommended Deadpool graphic novel, and it was also £1.99, so that helped too. I figure that the title pretty much sums up the plot, and that Deadpool is gonna start killing Marvel characters, why? I’m not too sure. maybe the merc with the mouth doesn’t need a reason. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Deadpool Does Shakespeare (Deadpool World’s Greatest #7) by Gerry Dugan, Ian Doescher, and Bruno Oliveira

32856234Remember when I told you that I really like Deadpool? Well, another of my loves is Shakespeare, so when I saw Deadpool Does Shakespeare, I figured it was made for me. That and the fact that it was also £1.99 for the kindle edition, which I’ll read on my iPad. I think the concept is that Deadpool gets trapped in a Shakespeare play, or maybe multiple plays, but I’m not that sure. I haven’t read the first 6 volumes, but I’ll probably just take the plunge regardless, and hopefully I won’t be too lost. This Volume collects issues 21, 26-27 of the Deadpool World’s Greatest comics.


Harvard Square by Andre Aciman

17986432This is a more recent book from the author who brought us the stunningly beautiful Call Me By Your Name. I rather enjoyed that book, in case you can’t tell, and have already read it not once, but twice. Similarly, Harvard Square, also seems to involve a LGBTQ+ relationship between a Jewish-Egyptian student and an Arabian cab driver, in America, during the 1970s. I’m already super excited, because I fell head over heels for Aciman’s prose last time, but I will be holding off reading it for a while, because of something I have in the works for the summer. More information to come…


Tin Man by Sarah Winman

34802303Since I have been raving, and raving about Call Me By Your Name, this was a book that looked kind of similar. Though I have too admit that I may have been swayed by the fact that there was a lot of cycling in CMBYN, and this had a boy cycling on the cover. In my defence that man could very easily be Oliver! Tin Man is LGBTQ+ contemporary fiction and a friendship between to boys, Ellis and Michael. Not Elio, though I probably will inevitably compare the two. They grow up as best friends, and when they are adults the arrival of a girl changes things, though I’m not yet sure in what way.



And that’s all I bought this month. I’ve already read Vicious, and the graphic novels should be pretty quick so it won’t really impact my overall TBR.

Thanks for reading!

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