#AmWriting: Camp NaNoWriMo, July 2018 Announcement

Somehow, it’s July, which means two things; the first that it’s my birthday month, but more importantly it’s the second Camp NaNoWriMo of the year!

What is Camp NaNoWriMo?

It’s basically an “easier” version of NaNoWriMo, a 50,000 word writing challenge that takes place annually in November. Camp is easier because you get to set your own goal, whether that’s 10 pages, 10 hours, or 10 words. You can also edit your goal throughout the month, so if you wanted to write 40,000, but find yourself on 1,000 with only a week to go, you can move your goal to a more achievable number.

What is my goal set at?

Now, I have always used my word count to track my progress, until last Camp where I decided to use pages, which did not work for me at all. I might try to track the time spent working, but don’t be surprised if halfway through the month I’ve gone back to using a word counter! If we’re going with time, then my goal is going to be sixty hours, which works out at two hours a day.

What am I going to be writing?

I have absolutely no idea, and I hate that I’m going in so blind. I think I want to polish last Camp’s project, a short story which I call Out of Orbit, a slice of life sort of thing. I’m also thinking about going back to another project, that I have dubbed Of the Fearless Flight, that I have been writing on and off for a year and a half, and is a sci-fi novella (or it’s supposed to be at least) . I don’t think that I’m going to have to do much actual writing, as I have most of the material, so it might be more of a case of editing. But who knows? Maybe I’ll decide I hate everything and start from scratch.

What about you? Are you, or have you competed in Camp NaNoWriMo? What are you writing anything at the moment?


Hopefully I’ll have an update to let you know how things are going in a week or so, but until then, thanks for reading! Also, if you’re just dying to know how I’m doing, I am going to be doing daily updates over on my Tumblr which usually has book quotes on it, and you should check out! And, of course you can add me as a writing buddy!


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