Haul: July 2018

Welcome to my second haul for July, this one for book that I bought with my own funds, rather than gift cards, or received as gifts. But if you ant to know what I got for my birthday then you can, with this handy Birthday Book Haul. If not, then why not take a look at what else I got last month.


Out of Egypt by Andre Aciman

21030127You probably know by now, whether from my official announcement or that you already guessed, but Aciman August is a thing that is happening this month! In anticipation I have been buying some Aciman books, including this one, a non-fiction memoir of the author’s childhood in Egypt, and potentially his move to America, though don’t quote me on that last part. As I tell you every time I buy a non-fiction book, I am not typically a non-fiction reader and the idea of reading this makes me nervous. However, I am going to make this a priority, and I am going to finish it this month, maybe it will be a turning point in my non-fiction reading, you never know.

Henry V by William Shakespeare (RSC Edition)

8569551This month was also my second visit to the lovely Stratford-Upon-Avon, where my friend and I went to see two plays. Since I already had copies of both Macbeth, and The Duchess of Malfi, from my undergrad days, I decided to buy Henry V, for two reasons. the first being that my favourite play is Richard II, but it’s the only history I’ve read, and I want to chnage that, and the second that an actor performed the Band of Brothers speech in the Birthplace gardens, and it was inspiring. It also looks nice and short, so I’ll probably read it alongside the BBC’s Hollow crown version, and if I need any more motivation, Tom Hiddleston is Henry. Need I say more?


Sonnets and Other Poems by William Shakespeare (RSC Edition)

6333946This was my second choice, after following the trail of sonnet couplets that are littered around the courtyard of New Place. I’ve never studied his sonnets, though it’s impossible not to have come across one or two, so it’ll be nice to have a read through. The same goes for this other poetry, I remember using a quote from The Rape of Lucrece in one of my A Level essays, but never read the poem proper. Since freshers I kind of developed this fear of poetry, but I refuse to let that stop me, and I will read these poems… at some point. I’m not making any promises that it will be soon, because there are quite a few of them. But I’ll definitely read some before the year is out.


Failing Up: How To Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning by Leslie Odom Jr, read by Leslie Odom Jr.

35415677It had been well established that I adore Hamilton; An American Musical. I’ve been listening to the Original Broadway Cast (OBC) Recording since early 2016, and have been to see the West End production twice this year, with tickets for next March too. It had also been well established that I do not read non-fiction, however my love for Hamilton, and for Leslie Odom Jr., aka, Mr Aaron Burr in the OBC, surpasses by fear of non-fiction. I had an audible credit, and seeing that he narrates this, in that silky smooth voice of his, I knew this was the audiobook for me.


See, this looks like a pretty small haul , right? I can’t even decided what I’m most excited about!

Which one interest you the most, if any? Have you already read any of these, and if so, what did you think? Do you have any recommendations for audiobooks narrated by their authors?

Thanks for reading!


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