TBR: November 2018

We’re drawing nearer to the end of the year, I’m getting busier, and my TBRs are getting smaller… sort of.


Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons) by Sarah J. Maas

38470247This is the only SJM book I haven’t read, and I figures we might as well get a clean sweep before the Kingdom of Ash event I’m going to. The DC Icons series is four YA stores following a different DC character, written by a different YA author, but you can read then in any order. Here we’re following Selina Kyle, and while Bruce Wayne is away from Gotham, Catwoman is going to make the most of it. In case you missed it this book was the book of the month for August’s Illumicrate box, and excellent box, and, if you’re interested, I do some comic/ graphic novel reviews too, so you should totally check those out.

The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archives #1) by Brandon Sanderson

11203858I can’t remember if I mentioned this last month (and I’m too lazy to go and check) but I did start reading this in October, not that I got very far. The Way of Kings is the first book in what’s going to (eventually) be a 10 book series, though with only three out at the moment, its going to be a long while till we get there. Which is fine because these aren’t exactly quick reads. All I know so far is we have a dual perspective between a girl who is attempting to become an apprentice to a scholar princess, for various reasons, and an ex-solider now slave whose made an unusual friend. It’s Brandon Sanderson, it’s high fantasy, what more do you need?

Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

42526667I’d seen the cover floating around various places for a while but it wasn’t until I received a copy in my October FairyLoot box that I put it on my TBR. As a result m knowledge is kinda hazy (like my descriptions of the other two books have been clear as day). Still, I know that it’s a YA Fantasy, and I believe it features a F/F relationship, which is pretty unusual for the genre, but very exciting. Lei, a member of the lowest caste, the paper caste, is taken to the royal palace along with with other girls, for the King’s pleasure, only she falls in love. And it’s not with the king. Did someone say forbidden romance? Yes, please!

I’m also going to try and re-read Lord of Shadows, in anticipation for the release of Queen of Air and Darkness next month, and to read The Dharma Bums, and Decline of the English Murder.

What are you planning on reading this month? Are we reading any of the same books?  

Thanks for reading!

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