Book Tag: Emojis

I saw Michelle@ChellesBookRamblings, and thought it was short but sweet so decided to do it too.


  • The rules for this tag are simple; pick five emoji’s (I’m going to pick the ones I se most often) and then pick five books that fit them.

The Tag:


[Laughing Crying Face]: Deadpool Does Shakespeare

It’s Deadpool + Shakespeare. Need I say more?


[Sparkly Heart]: Catwoman; Soulstealer

Just thinking of this book makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (and ready to rob a Gotham museum)


[Heart Eyes]: The Red Queen series

Y’all know, Maven is my baby. Come at me.


[Mind-Blown]: The Cruel Prince

Only in those last couple of chapters. Especially what Cardan says to Jude!


[Kissing Face]:  Kingdom of Ash

Pretty much everyone, but especially Dorian Havilliard

And those are my most used emojis, with corresponding books! This was a really fun and easy tag, so consider yourself tagged!

Thanks for reading!


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