Wrap-Up: December 2018

This is my final wrap up for 2018. How crazy is that! I don’t know why, but it always surprises me that the year is over, and now I have to start from scratch with my Goodreads reading challenge. Before I do, these are the book that I read this month…


Dreamfever (Fever #4) by Karen Marie Moning


8069867*Trigger Warning: Rape/Dub-consent*Β As usual, I’ll be super vague to avoid spoiler for this, and the other three books, but I’m so pumped to be back in Mac’s world. The Fever series is an adult, urban-fantasy series, that deals with a fae world that exists alongside our own, one invisible to most people,Β most people. Mac is not most people. I never know where Moning is going to go with he plot, and nothing’s changed. Personally, I could have done with more V’lane and Barrons, but I’m a patient gal. The dub-con/rape is not dealt with in the best way, but I don’t think this it’s that sort of book. Dreamfever also felt very uneven at the end, like Pt.1 of a larger book, but onwards and upwards to the next one!

Ace of Shades (Shadow Game #1) by Amanda Foody


30238163For the past month or so Amanda has been hosting a read-a-long on her instagram, and since I needed very little percussion to pick this up again, of course I was participating. I originally read this when it first came out, and have a full SPOILER-FREE REVIEW if you want to know more of my thoughts. I don’t change my OG ratings, but If I did, I would definitely have given this five stars, since I must have been in a particularly harsh mood to only give it four. Still if you’re in the market for a YA fantasy novel, with flavours of Peaky Blinders, and slow burn romance, then this one’s for you. Please, check it out!


Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices #2) by Cassie Clare


30312891Of course only I would decide to re-read this the same day that Queen of Air and Darkness came out. Hence, why I am so very behind. Obviously I did love re-reading this book, many because of Kieran who is my absolute favourite, and the main reason I decided to re-read this book. I did notice this time around that the pacing could be a bit tighter, there are a lot of scenes in this book that I feel could have been shortened, and made the book just a little bit more enjoyable. Still, I would (of course) recommend, even if you’re not a Mortal Instruments fan, if you enjoyed The Infernal Devices, you should give it a go.


The Christmas Party by Carole Matthew



I received this as a Christmas Eve present from my friend, and it, unsurprisingly, follows an office Christmas Party. I read it in 24 hours, so it was a lovely, easy ready, with a fair few laughs along the way. It was sufficiently festive, and there was plenty of romantic drama, and ridiculous misunderstandings to keep you thoroughly entertained. The final few chapters take place on Christmas Day, just to wrap everyones storylines up, however the “villains” were kid of forgotten about. There was a certain event that would have had a profound effect on the people around him, but we need get to see this, meaning that the narrative felt unresolved on the last page. Overall, a lovely festive read.


The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archives #1) by Brandon Sanderson


11203858In all honesty, I wasn’t sure that this day would ever come, but here is the proof that I’ve finally finished this mammoth book. It’s a little difficult to explain the plot, but essentially it’s a high fantasy that follows multiple points of view, from the battlefield, to the library. Sanderson is a more than competent writer, we know that already, however, this was too long. I read enough fantasy to know the importance of setting up the world, but this was excessive, and I don’t know if another, less known author, would have gotten this monster past the editor, as this was almost 1,000 pages of set-up. I’m sure I will continue the series eventually, but not for a while.


Civil War: Captain America by Ed Burbaker, Mike Perkins, Lee Weeks etc.


754123Let’s face it. If you like Bucky, and I would say that I do like him (I would die for Bucky Barnes), then you’ll like this book, because there is so much Bucky in it. I’m hoping to write a full review for it, as I did for Civil War, but this is a little more like the film, in the sense that we get much more from Steve’s side. But not only that, we get a more humanistic view of the whole situation, which is really interesting. All in all, it’s still a bit confusing with some of the characters, since I’m not a Marvel encyclopaedia, but the Bucky stuff was just so good. it was a shame that there weren’t just a couple more pages, but maybe the next one will give me what I’m looking for in this story.


Blowing the Bloody Doors Off and Other Lessons in Life by Michael Caine, read by the author


39295912Despite the fact that I have no intention of becoming an actor, I found myself enjoying both this, and Leslie Odom Jr’s books about acting, though this was the better book. Blowing the Bloody Doors Off is Caine’s journey through his life, defined through various acting lessons, making it feel less like an autobiography, and more like advice from a friend. Acting is such an interesting profession, because a lot of these lessons, were obviously useful if this is your chosen profession, are transferable skills. Β It was entertaining, it was funny, and it was beautifully touching. What a wonderful way to finish off 2018!



All in all it was an okay month for me, I don’t feel like I did as much reading as I could have, or should have, so it doesn’t bode well for next year. Still I might surprise myself!

What did you read this month? Did something stand out? Have we read any of the same books?

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Wrap-Up: December 2018”

  1. You definitely can’t go wrong with a Shadowhunters re-read of any sort! I may re-read both Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows before moving on to QOAAD! I’m scared about what’s going to happen in that one. I don’t think I’m ready for it yet….

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