Book Haul: December 2018

Welcome, welcome to my regular December Haul. I recently posted my Christmas haul, which was only small if you’re looking for a quick read, but on with the books I bought for myself this month.


Dreamfever (Fever #4) by Karen Marie Morning

8069867That’s right, kids, I’m back on the Fever bandwagon. If you’re new here, or maybe you’ve been here for a while and missed it, earlier this year I read the first book, Darkfever, and fell head over heels with these books. I read the first three in a couple of days, and was gutted that the fourth one was too expensive. However I found a cheep copy (Kinde has two, one expensive and one cheeper, but they’re the sam book) and I snapped it up. The Fever series is perfect if you’re of legal age (defiantly, not suitable for children, though I was reading this sort of thing pretty young, so it’s up to you), and love fae romance books, which is all I ever need to hear to pick up a book.

Civil War: Captain America by Ed Burbaker etc.

754123Remember when I reviewed Civil War: A Marvel Comics Event? No? Then you’d better check out that review. But, seriously, shameless self-promo aside, I did read Civil War last year, and this is the book that I wanted to be reading. Why? Because this is the Captain America book, and where there’s Cap, there’s Bucky “I-would-die-for-him” Barnes. Did I mention Bucky is my favourite character? Like the first book, I will be reviewing this one in it’s entirety, but if, like me you like Bucky, then this really is a must-read. Also, there’s a huge graphic novel sale on kindle editions at the moment, so that helped too.


Eight White Nights by André Aciman

9373288If you re new here, then you are getting a crash course on my favourite things (so far sexy fae, and Bucky) because here we are with my favourite author, André Aciman. I even had Aciman-August last year, where I read a couple of his books. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the author of the spectacular Call Me By Your Name, and this is also a romance. Set in the week before New Year’s we follow two people who meet at a party, and then we follow them every day for the next eight days leading up to New Years. I do so love an unconventional love story, and particularly ones that are so character focused, so this should be a winner.


The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer, read by Rebecca Lowman

35480518I have been wanting to read something  by Meg Wolitzer for a while now, and while this was a bit expensive on Amazon, I did have a spare Audible credit. So here we are. It’s a contemporary, feminist novel, following a Greer, a collage freshman who meets an older woman. This meeting s one she hopes will change her life, as Faith, is everything she could hope to be. This admiration pulls her away from her boyfriend, and the love story they were supposed to have embarked on, and toward a path she never would have imagined for herself.


The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason, read by Laurence Dobiesz

41080597Did this book appeal to me because of my love for Marvel’s Winter Solder? I want to say no, but if I’m completely honest, I did. Even though I know this has absolutely nothing to do with it, the title struck me for that reason. As with The Female Persuasion, I had a spare credit, and the kindle edition was pricey, so I figured I’d take the plunge, as this is not my usual genre. The Winter Soldier is a historical fiction novel, set during the First World War, following a young medical student. Lucius to drawn in by propaganda, and joins the army, with little idea of what he’s truly volunteered for.


Mad Love by Pat Cardigan and Paul Dini

42653132Finally, and yes this is another essential thing to know about me, is Mad Love, which you may be familiar with. Mad Love is the episode of Batman; The Animated Series that gives us Harley Quinn’s backstory. I already have a review for the Comic adaptation, and now the good lord has given us an actual novelisation. Now, I’m not a published writer, but I would have killed to have had the opportunity to write this, and I have to admit that if this does turn out to be awful, it will completely break my heart, so please pray for me.


As you can see, it was a pretty anything-goes sort of buying month, but I like to treat myself during December, especially when I had just been paid.

Have you read any of these books? What did you buy this month?

Thanks for reading!


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