Unboxing: March “Adventure Awaits” Illumicrate

When I saw the artwork for Adventure Awaits I was pretty sure I knew what book was going to be in the box, but lets see what else was included

Excalibur Water Bottle, artwork by @SarahandSweet

This white playact water bottle, with gold lid, showcases some of Sarah’s gorgeous artwork, depicting the Lady of the Lake offering Excalibur to a worthy hero, with the phrase ‘Be Brave” above. I don’t actually own a plastic water bottle so this is pretty handy to have, and a lot lighter than my metal one.

Beginning and End Ennamel Pin Set, from @FableandBlack

I recently bought a pin from Fable and Black, so to see more of their pins here just made me so excited. This set is inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkein, encompassing the first book, The Hobbit, and the final book, charting the course of a journey from beginning to end. Tolkein and I have a strained relationship, however I love these pins regardless.

The Grand Tour Mug Rug, artwork by @TemporaryPlacesShop

Now, I used to own a little mug rug in uni, but since I moved home it seems to have disappeared, good thing I now have a replacement. Mapping the Grand Tour that Monty, Percy, and Felicity embark on in Mackenzi Lee’s A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, this will serve as a reminder that I need to read the second book in the series.

The Raven Cycle Notebook Set, from @Bookmarkd.Tattoos

I love a nice notebook, and these two really are lovely, with their interior of think lined paper. Decoraed with motifs of the series cut as tarot cards, bees, and trees against an almost marbled backdrop they’re almost too pretty to use.

Mistborn Socks, from @Illumicrate

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten Mistborn march before, and given that it’s such an awesome fantasy trilogy (I say trilogy because I have yet to read the second trilogy) that seems like a travesty. The socks themselves feel nice and soft, and I know that I’m get a ton of use out of them.

Publisher Goodies

Most boxes include a couple of publisher items, and this box had three. The first was a bookmark for Proud (@StripesBooks), a LGBTQ+ anthology complied by Juno Dawson. This book was released on March 7th. Second was a postcard with the UK paperback cover for Muse of Nightmares (@Hodder) by Laini Taylor, and was released on April 4th. Finally, we also got a chapter sampler for a sci-fi book called Do You Dream of Terra-Two, written by Temi Oh, and available from March 7th.

The Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy

So, I was right in my guess for the book, though there were kind of limited options to pick from. Having studied a bit of the myth of King Arthur, it it’s many forms at university, I have been excited about this book for a long time. The book is signed by both authors (who I believe are actually a couple, which is super cute), and has a *really* cute letter. But, this is all sort of standard for book boxes, right? Well, let’s talk about the changes Illumicrate made, by turning the colour palate turquoise instead of pink, and going us matching sprayed edges. It. Is. Gorgeous. I know I haven’t really talked about the plot, but I will tackle that in my book haul, I promise, and if you can’t wait till then it’s a futuristic-gender-bent King Arthur retelling. Yes. You read that correctly.

Don’t forget I also unbox Illumicrate on my Instagram stories the day I receive it.

What about you? Did you get this box? Did you get a different box this month? What was your favourite item?

2 thoughts on “Unboxing: March “Adventure Awaits” Illumicrate”

  1. The pins were definitely my favourite item in this box! The mug rug is really cute. I prefer the original colours of the book but the teal sprayed edges are lovely. The book is really unique and I’m looking forward to seeing the differences between the advanced reader copies and the final edit. I’m really excited for the next two boxes ❤

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