Graphic Novel Wrap-Up: I 2019

You may know by now, having seen my Graphic Novel Haul, that I decided to separate these from my main haul.

Shades of Magic Vol. 1: The Steel Prince by Schwab, Olimpieri, Angiolini, and Steen


As someone who loves both the medium of comics, and the Shades of Magic series, the announcement of this series was like a dream come true, and the reality did no disappoint. The visual aspect of the magic in the series translates perfectly to the comic book pages, though given Schwab’s talent for descriptions, that comes as no surprise. What did surprise me was that I think I’m a little bit in love with Maxim now. What can I say, the boy has a certain charm about him, and he”s not bad to look at either. Aside from the stunning magic, the plot was entertaining, and engaging, giving the characters plenty of meet on their bones in just four short issues. The continuation of the series cannot come soon enough!

Civil War: Captain America by Ed Burbaker et. al.



Civil War: Captain America follows on from Civil War: A Marvel Comics Event, and focuses on Team Cap, ore more specifically Steve, Sharon, and, my favourite, Bucky. I first read this around Christmas last year, and never got around to writing a review, or by the time I did couldn’t remember enough. It was just easier to re-read the thing. Bur here’s the rub. I enjoyed it so much more the second time. Or maybe rereading just gave me an opportunity to really appreciate this story. Either way I had fun, got to grips with the plot, and actually wrote my spoiler free review.

Batman: The Court of Owls by Capullo/ Snyder/ Glapion


This was another re-read, partially because I did want to review it, and partially because I bought the second book in the series and just wanted to refresh my mind regarding what had happened. You may remember that I loved this the first time around, and I can’t say that my feelings have changed at all. Obviously since I have a full spoiler-free review I don’t really want to go into detail, but essentially Batman is investigating a mysterious, a violent death, that may have something to do with a children’s rhyme. It’s brilliant, and you should read it.

Batman: White Knight #1-8 by Murphy/ Hollingsworth


White Knight #1 was actually the first comic book I went into a shop and bought, and it really had all the elements that I love in a Batman book. I have a spoiler free review of that issue available to check out if you’re at all interested. I would like to do a full review, but I’d probably have to re-read it to be able to take some notes. The Joker’s character arc, though sanity and insanity, was amazing, as was just perfection. No one wants to see a sane Joker, and the writers really balanced that concept with a good Joker. It really is his story above anyone else’s though I did also love Harley, and Nightwing made a really good impression despite being very sparse. One of my all time favourites.

And those are the comics and trade paperbacks that I enjoyed in March. As you can see I went on a bit of a binge, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep that up. Sorry that this is so late too, it just kind of got buried under a pile of drafts. Oops.

What about you? What did you read? What did I miss? What should I be reading?

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