Comics Wrap-Up: II.2019

Confession time: This is a draft which I never got around to posting and so is a bit old. However, it’s still three nice mini review so I figured I’d post it anyway. Some of the titles are all linked to Forbidden Planet through my affiliate link, which you are under no obligation to use.

Captain America: Winter in America by Coates, Yu, Alanguilan, Caramagna, Petit


As I said before, I will admit to buying this because it looked cool, particularly some of the cover art, and I was a little disappointed. It’s not the sort of story you can just dive on into, which I always think is off-putting for the casual reader. That being said the book had some really interesting reflections on America, and how Steve fits into the picture now that those values of the 1940s are no longer relevant. Steve lacked a bit of depth as a character but he was used in a really clever way, so a bit of a mixed bag. I have a full spoiler free review ready if you want to hear more of my thoguhts on this particular title.

Captain America & Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes by Burbaker, Andreyko, Samnee, Caramagna.


After reading the first issue last year I finally go round to reading this trade which features #620-24 of Captain America (2004-2011). If I’ve said it once, I’ve said is 100 times, I love Bucky Barnes. I’d say I love him 3000 (Simultaneous wink and cry face), so this was a must read for me. I’m not typically interested in Golden Age/ Silver Age stuff, which meant that this was a great little wrap up of the sort of things that were going on in that era. We get to see Bucky as the sidekick, with a slightly different origin to the MCU Bucky. We get to cover a lot of territory in just a few issues, which works great as a recap, or if you just want to know a bit more about that character from his perspective. I should have some sort of review coming to you at some point!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier by Burkbaker, Lark, Epting, Leon, D’Amarta, Gentile


What is the best MCU film? If you said Winter Soldier then you’re a winner, and if you didn’t then you’re just incorrect. How did the source material hold up? Well, though it doesn’t follow the exact plot of the film (which was somewhat expected) it impressed me more than I thought it would. I definitely got caught up in all the tension, which builds over the course of the plot. However it did feel as though it ended in a weird place, so the pay off wasn’t quite there, though maybe this will be rectified in vol. 2.

What about you… What are your favourite Captain America titles?

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