Comic Corner: Housekeeping

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Good afternoon, Comic Corner readers. I wanted to drop in and have a quick chat about Comic Corner and where it’s going next given the current challenges in the comic industry.

What is Comic Corner?

If you’re new here, then welcome. Comic Corner is the spot on my blog where I talk about comic-related things. This mostly includes reviews, both trade paperbacks and individual issues. These are usually posted every Monday.

What are the current challenges in the comic industry?

Being UK based I get the majority of my comics from Forbidden Planet. Unfortunately due to the current pandemic the company which distributes comics, Diamond Distributors are currently closed. Of course, the health and safely of their employees, and customers, should be paramount. Unfortunately, this means that shops like Forbidden Planet are not getting deliveries is.

What does this mean for Comic Corner?

For me, it means that I’m not getting my new comics to read. For Comic Corner, it means that some of my review series’ will be on hiatus indefinitely. Yes, you can still buy comics digitally through Comixology, and that is something I will be looking into doing. For now, I will probably be looking at talking about some backlist titles that I haven’t yet reviewed, both individual issues and trades. 

What about me?

As always I appreciate your love and support on the blog, wether for Comic Corner of my other posts. It does help me out if you use my affiliate link for Forbidden Planet, who are still shipping anything other than comics from the 26th of March onward (while the link is to a specific item, the affiliate code applies to the whole order). Of course, I understand if you’d rather not, or simply can’t afford to be shopping there at the moment. Finally, if you have any suggestions for back-issue titles you would like to seem me talk about then let me know. My favourite characters are Bucky, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Harley Quinn, but I am open to reading anything you want to suggest! Also let me know if there are other posts you would like to see, for instance, movie or TV show adaptations, I have a Nintendo Switch so maybe even some games. I am open to all suggestions, so let me know in the comments below. 

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