Comic Corner: What I’m Currently Reading

Previously- Captain America 1984| Coming Soon- Ruins of Ravenscroft: Dracula

While there are certain series’ that I talk about a lot on Comic Coner, I don’t review everything that I read. In the absence of new comics* I thought that I would remedy that.

*New comics are being released through Comixology. However I prefer to buy mine in physical copies, and there have been problems with the distributor.

This is the only permanent run that I keep up with every single month. I didn’t use to have a subscription and would go to Forbidden Planet especially to pick up the latest issue. (God, I miss being able to do that). If you are unfamiliar with Nightwing, he is Dick Grayson, the original Robin, doing his own thing in the neighbouring city of Blüdhaven. If you want to jump into the current run I would recommend reading from Nightwing: Knight Terrors, as there is an amnesia storyline running through at the moment.

Batman: Curse of the White Night
Curse is an eight-issue series and a direct sequel to Batman: White Night, which I can never recommend enough. Both series’ are part of DC Black Label, which means they exist in their own little universes and you can jump in blind. If you’re interested in Curse, or just want to know more then I have been reviewing each issue individually, starting with the first. You can pick Curse up as a trade paperback soon.

Falcon & Winter Soldier
You know that I will read anything with Bucky in it. Picking up from Winter Soldier: Second Chances, for which I have reviews for each issue, this follows Sam and Bucky. As I’ve only read the first issue so far I can’t tell you too much about the story, other than it both have previously been Captain America and have very different personalities. I imagine it will only be around five issues and should be a nice easy story to get into.

Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity
This is another Black Label series, and I’m also reviewing it issue by issue, starting with the first. Criminal Sanity is Mad Love meets Criminal Minds, with Joker as a serial killer and Harleen as a criminal profiler. It’s very dark, very creepy, a bit graphic, but the art is pretty great. I don’t think it’s a series for everyone but it’s definitely worth a go if you like crime procedural shows.

Some other mentions:
I try to pick up the new Captain America trades, though they’re not really a priority. I have a review up for the first one, Winter in America, and the second is on my TBR.

Similarly, I pick up the trades of V.E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic series, with the third, and final one out on May 24th.

I also read the Rebirth trades for Harley Quinn and Red Hood.

I have subscribed to Batman: Three Jokers which starts in June.

What about you… Do we read any of the same runs? What do you pick up as a comic and what do you get as a trade?

*Don’t forget that all Forbidden Planet links are affiliate links, but you absolutely do not have to use them if you don’t want to.

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