TBR: Olympic Games Edition [June 2020]

Previously- TBR: Meet Your Myth Taker Edition| Coming Soon: Throwback Thursday

The Olympic Games Readathon celebrates all things Greek Myths and Percy Jackson. The books that you read all depend on your assigned Camp Half-Blood Cabin. But I will let Ishi explain in her announcement video.

I decided to use the Quiz to assign my cabin and was surprised to get Aphrodite, but I decided to roll with it. The full list of cabins, prompts, and extra curricular actives are all available on Google Docs.


Aphrodite is often invested in the love lives of mortals. Read a romance to curb her curiosity: 

Bound by Vengeance by Cora Reilly

This is the fifth book in Reilly’s Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, which is a mafia romance series. So far the book have been a little like companion novels, each one following a different pair of character who all connect to one another. This one follows Cara and Growl, and for the first time in the series I have no idea who they are.

Read a book with a cover you think is beautiful:

The Beautiful by Reneé Ahdieh

I want to re-read The Beautiful in anticipation of the sequel, The Damned, which was set to release this month. Unfortunately it has been pushed back to July, but I suppose it gives me more time to reread this book. The Beautiful is a YA, historical-fantasy novel that is set in the turn of the century New Orleans. We follow Celine who has recently moved to the city, as she finds herself embroiled in a series of murders.

Read a book with a strong, independent, female main character: 

Faefever by Karen M. Moning

Like The Beautiful, this will also be a reread for me, because I’m trying to catch up with the series in time for the newest book which is set to release in January 2021. While I can’t give too many details about Faefever, as it’s the third book in the series, I can tell you a little about the series as a whole. Starting with Darkfever we follow Southern Belle, Mac as she travel to Dublin to investigate the murder of her sister only to find herself plunged into the world of the fae which exists alongside our own.

Aphrodite speaks fondly of her daughter Juliet and her short-lived romance with Romeo. Read a classic novel in remembrance of them: 

White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Confession time: I bought this book purely on the basis that one of my favourite authors, Andre Aciman, refers to it in both Enigma Variations and Eight White Nights. As a result I cannot tell you a single thing about Dostoyevsky’s book. On second thoughts I can tell you that this is one of Penguin’s Little Black Classics series, so it’s cheep, and that there are two stories in this book, so it’s not just short it’s really short.

As his lover, Aphrodite spends a lot of time with Ares. Complete a prompt that honours him:

Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan (Read a book with a red cover)

This crosses over with my Make Your Myth Taker TBR, so for more information feel free to check that out.

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Archery: A book shorter than 200 pages: 

The Future by Neil Hilborn

The Future in Neil Hilborn’s second poetry book, having previosuly written Our Numbered Days. He’s one of Button Poetry’s poets, writing in free verse, and you can see him perform on their YouTube page. I’ve had this for a while, having picked up a copy last time I saw him live in Cardiff. He’s a fantastic poet that writes a lot about mental health, among other things, and I highly reccomend that you check him out.

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Canoeing: A book with a blue cover:

China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

Like many people I read Crazy Rich Asians and thought it was great, so it’s high time that I pick up the sequel, China Rich Girlfriend. These books are contemporary fiction about really rich people, a little like Gossip Girl but in Singapore. As with the first book we are once again following Rachel and Nick, as they traverse the insanity of being in a world where people are dripping with wealth. If you think the kids in Gossip Girl are rich… there people make them look middle class. I can’t really say much more about the plot if I wnat to keep this spoiler free but it sounds like it might be even crazier than the first.

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Pegasus : A book published within the last 5 years:

Captain America: Captain of Nothing by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and others.

Captain of Nothing collects issues #7-12 of Coates Captain America run, aka the current Captain America run. I do have a review for the previous collection, Captain America: Winter in America if you’re interested in finding out more. I think that this is a really contemporary version of Cap and it’s fanscianting to see how a character who had such rigid morals in the past, and was sickenly patriotic is able to exist in today’s America.


What about you… Are you participating in the Olympic Games readathon, and if so what cabin are you in? If not then do you have a favourite Greek God or Godess?

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