RWM: A Tale of Two Cities, Book II, Chapter XVII-XVIII

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Welcome to the sixteenth week of this read-with-me project. This week we read Chapter XVII: One Night and Chapter XVIII: Nine Days. This section was first released in a magazine called All the Year Round on Saturday, August 13th 1859.

The story so far…
We learnt that the Derfarges are Parisian revolutionaries and that Madame hides coded messaged within her knitting. They have learnt of Charles’ connection to French aristocracy and marked him as an enemy of their cause.

In this section…
The first chapter, titled ‘One Night’ follows Lucie and Dr Manette on the night before Lucie’s wedding. Father and daughter discuss the subject of happiness, as Lucie voices her concerns about leaving her father. She tells him that had she never met Charles she would have been happy to live with her father for the rest of her life. Dr Manette replies by pointing out that she did meet Charles and everything else is a moot point. This is interesting because it draws out attention to the chance encounter between Lucie and Charles that has lead us to this point.

Dr Manette goes on to speak about his suffering during his time in France, a period he does not usually speak of. As he does this, he tries to reassure Lucie, but she still worries about him and prays for him that evening.

The following chapter, ‘Nine Days’, takes place on the day of the wedding and begins with a conversation between Mr Lorry and Miss Pross. The conversation shows that they both care a lot for Lucie, and the later promise her to take care of the Dr when she goes on her honeymoon.

Charles and Lucie leave for their honeymoon, and Dr Manette regresses to his shoemaking mindset. Mr Lorry and Miss Pross decide not to tell Lucie, as not to worry her, and his behaviour continues for nine days.

What about you… Are you reading along with A Tale of Two Cities, and if so, what did you think of this section?

Dates for your diary:
Chapters XIX-XX on the 20th of August (Post 22nd of August)
Chapter XXI on the 27th of August (Post: 29th of August)
Chapters XXII-XXIII on the 3rd of September (Post: 5th of September)

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