RWM: A Tale of Two Cities Masterlist

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Welcome to the final Read With Me: A Tale of Two Cities post. I hope you’ve enjoyed coming on this journey with me, I have certainly enjoyed it. I also like the idea that I’ll always have a record of reading this book, even if it was for the second time.

If you’re just joining us then RWM: A Tale of Two Cities was a project where we read the novel in the periodical instalments it was originally published in. Below you will find the masterlist with all the sections linked to make it easy to find a particular chapter, should you want to.

I chose A Tale of Two Cities because it is my favourite Dickens novel, out of the ones which I have read. I find it interesting that while Dickens’ writing is often considered to be so quintessentially Victorian, this book, which takes place during the french Revolution is my particular favourite. This re-read did not change me mind and it remains the favourite that it has always been. It’s a book that has everything you could possibly want. There’s tension, love, loss, drama, and revolution. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading these posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them, and that these characters stay with you for a long time.

Book I: 

Book II: 

Book III:

I am considering doing something like this next year but I have yet to choose a novel, so if you have any suggestions I would be more than pleased to hear them. The only requirement is that it is easily available in English, and published periodically.

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