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Book Discussion: Sex in YA

Even though sex is a part of life, especially the life of a young adult I rarely see it portrayed in young adult fiction. Let’s talk about this shall we?

NA vs. YA

When I look at my bookshelf I see a pretty big divide, almost a chasm really, between YA books and NA books, young-adult and new adult, in case you’re not down with the lingo, which seems strange to me considering they’re not necessarily worlds apart. Maybe, this is just me, and I’m not looking at the right books but NA has become a stand in for books with sex in them, and as a result are contemporary romances, like Christina Lauren and (some) Colleen Hoover books. There is a lot that I could say about NA, but in the interest of being concise I just wanted to clarify that I do see these as two very different genres and I want to focus the discussion on YA in particular. Who knows maybe we’ll save the NA discussion of another day.

Sexy Times in YA

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Book Discussion: “Intellectual” Reads

Recently I was having a nice conversation with my uni housemates about reading, which went a little something like this:

Boy: “I find it easier to relax watching Netflix that to read.”

[To which I gave no answer because that is his opinion, and that’s fine, whatever floats you boat and all. But then the unforgivable was said…]

Boy: “I agree. See I don’t read as much as you [meaning me, of course] because my books are intellectual.”

Excuse me. Intellectual. Are you trying to imply that the books that I read are not intellectual? Let’s discuss that, shall we…

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Discussion: Reading about Readers

Grab your cup of tea and settle down because I want to talk about reading about readers.

*Disclaimer: These are my own opinions, and I am not directing this toward any specific book, or author. *

What does this mean?

Reading about reader simply means that a character, or multiple characters in a book, are readers. For instance, characters who are book bloggers, book reviewers, or just really like to read.

What do I think?

I find it quite irritating to be honest with you. I consider myself to be a reader, an expert at the art of reading, if you will, which means I am really critical when they pop up. Somehow they always seem fake to me, like the author is trying to get me onside. With the growing use of social media, GoodRead, YouTube, Tumbr, e.t.c., alongside reading, author now know exactly who their main market is; people like me and you; readers. I’d much rather read about a girl proficient in martial arts, or a boy who loves ballet, than I would about a girl who loves to read because I am that girl. I love to read, I just don’t like to read about my own life, which is what I see when I read about readers.

What do you think? Do you like to read about readers? Who is your favourite reader-character? Who is your least favourite reader-character?

Thanks for reading!