Comic Review- Falcon & Winter Soldier #1

Coming soon- Issue #2 Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 was written by Derek Landy, with art by Federico Vicentini. The colours are by Matt Milla, and letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna What do you need to have read? As this is the first in a brand-new series, I don’t think that there is anything that… Continue reading Comic Review- Falcon & Winter Soldier #1

Captain America: Winter in America Review

Winter in America was written by Ta-Neishi Coates, pencilled by Leinil Francis Yu, inked by Gerry Alanguilan and Leinil Francis Yu. The letterers were Joe Caramagna and Cory Petit, and it collects Captain America (2018) #1-6, with material from Avengers/ Captain America Free Comic Book Day 2018.  Previously in Captain America… Marvel sums it up pretty… Continue reading Captain America: Winter in America Review