Comic Review: Harley Loves Joker

**This review is SPOILER FREE**

Harley Quinn; Harley Loves Joker is a little 2-Issue mini series that concluded in May 2018.



Not to be confused with Joker Loves Harley, the second book in the DC Harley Quinn Rebirth series, this one is very much reminiscent of Batman; The Animated Series, which was perfect for me because I love that show.




What do I need to read before this?

Absolutely nothing! Harley Loves Joker really is a stand alone, and you only need to know the bare bones of the Harley x Joker relationship to understand what’s going on. Ideally, you may have read Mad Love, but so long as you know Harley’s backstory, you should be good to go.




What about the plot?

The plot was great for such a small amount of pages, and meant that it was constantly moving. For the most part it was linear, with a small flashback section that is used for exposition. While usually I wouldn’t be a fan of in your face exposition but in this case, it means that anyone can just pick this up and read it. I’ll speak a bit more about the villain in a few moment, but I hadn’t come across her prior to reading this. I will pinto out that I am by no means a DC expert, so I don’t know if she has appeared before, but I definitely needed that exposition. If this was a Batman comic, then I would expect something more interesting that a flashback, since he’s supposed to be an awesome detective, and this would have been an opportunity to show this. However, it’s not. It’s a Harley comic, and the plot was very fun, and zany, and exactly what you want from a HQ comic. Its very easy to compare this story to the Mad Love story, and of course, Mad Love is a better story, but this was still a lot of fun.




Mister J an’ Harley, sittin’ in a tree

As you probably know by ow, I am a big Joker x Harley shipper, and yes, I know that it’s an abusive relationship, but it’s fictional, and I just can’t help myself. For the most part, this shows that at quite a good point in their relationship, at least for two crazy people. This series does delve a little deeper into Harley’s mind regarding their relationship, particularly in the second issue, and you get to see her vulnerabilities, but for the most part the Joker that we see here, is a much more jovial one. It was even, dare I say it, a little fluffy? But then again, this is defiantly Harley’s story, and you could argue that she’s always going to present him in a gentler light, than another point of view might. What was really interesting is how the Joker is almost a side character in comparison to Harley, base, of course, this is her POV, and yet he still  holds this power over her, despite seeming relatively unassuming.




Every fairytale needs a good ol’ fashioned villain…

So, let’s talk about the villain in this story, she is introduced pretty early but in the interest of remaining as spoiler free as possible, I’m going to refrain from saying who it is. The villain’s backstory is given to us in the form of a flashback, as I mentioned already, which shows her personal connection with Harley. Her motives also suggest that the Joker has a notorious gang, with reminded me of Leto’s Joker, who I liked (but that’s a much longer, much rant-ier story). In a story populated by unpredictable characters, she was just as unpredictable, and you never quite knew who was playing who. Would I want to see this villain again? I wouldn’t rush out to buy a comic because of it, but I wouldn’t avoid her.


Overall I really enjoyed this, it’s great for anyone who wants to test the waters of comic books, as it’s a short series, with only two issues. I would definitely read it again, and I’d rate it 🌟🌟🌟🌟, because it didn’t quite delve as deep as I would have liked, though I understand there was a limited amount of room to do this in.

Have you read Harley Loves Joker, and if so what did you think? If not, who’s your favourite DC character? Let me know, down below!

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